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Domiciliary Care

In order to receive our Domiciliary Care Service you have to have your specific needs identified by a social worker, health care professional or an Aspects Care, Care Manager who will complete a care assessment/service user’s plan. When the visiting assessors identify your needs these will be agreed with you and will be included in the person centered care plan. The care plan will also indicate the day and times that a Care/Support Worker will visit and this will also be agreed with you. The Care/Support Worker will use the care plan as a guide to provide you with the care you have been identified as needing.

Before the service commences a Coordinator or a Care Manager from Aspects Care will arrange to visit you and will undertake a risk assessment. This assessment will help identify safety issues such as lifting and possible hazards in your home environment. If hazards are identified we will discuss with you the necessary action required to reduce the risk to you or the Care/Support Worker ensuring both of your safety. This may include, for example, the recommendation to arrange the provision of safety equipment such as hoists to enable safe lifting.

After a period of six weeks Aspects Care will arrange a further meeting with you to review your care plan and this may result in changes being made to your plan of care. After this your care needs will be reviewed on at least an annual basis. If you need more time on a particular day or on a permanent basis, then this matter will be raised with your Service User’s Provider who will discuss the matter with you, and if necessary make a request for a re-assessment.

We are an established care provider in the UK, are contracted to Local Authority Social Care Departments and Primary Care Trusts.

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